Can Bed Bugs Live on An Air?Mattress?

Bug infestation is a major cause of issues and concern that troubles millions and millions of people across the globe.

Even though this widespread attack of the bugs can target almost any corner of the house, their seemingly favourite place to raise a colony is apparently your bed and actually, your mattress, just to be a little more specific.

What more does a person want after a long and tiring day than just calling it a day and falling into the loving arms of their beds and sleeping like a baby until work asks you to finally get up the next day! But even that sweet sleep is dangerously hampered given the fact that bed bugs are actually hyperactive during the night time and during the early hours of the morning, during which they feed on human blood.

What?s even worse is that when these bugs bite, they leave their saliva on the skin as residue, which can cause numerous bacterial and fungal abnormalities on the skin. Apart from physical concerns, bed bugs can also leave a person mentally and psychologically distorted in the form of insomnia and paranoia.

Considering the fact that bugs inhabit the traditional mattresses by burrowing tiny holes in its fabric and laying there in wait of the night: when they can come out and do their thing.

In order to avoid such infestations, headaches, and stress of dealing with them and eradicating them at the same time, many people resort to using air mattresses; not just because they are comparatively cheaper and easy to handle, but also because of the claim revolving around them: that they are immune to all sorts of beg bug infestations. But how much of that is actually true, is what the question over here is. And so, let us decode and solve the question bit by bit!


Obviously, the most natural question one asks oneself when they have discovered that their precious bed has been infested with bugs is how and from where exactly on God?s green earth did these miserable little creatures appear from.

The answer to that is something that only you can give yourself along with a proper reason as well because bugs are not something that just magically pops out and appears on your mattress.

If you are damn sure you did not have any bug infestation and that this inhabitance of theirs is relatively new, then the source of this problem of yours is someplace that you have paid a visit to recently: maybe a friend?s house, or from public transit, unhygienic places such as hotels or stores, or from luggage that you have carried here and there, or from any of a thousand possibilities.

The point is, once they have been brought into the house, bed bugs find themselves with a plethora of places to hide and subsequently grow their population. But no place other than the mattress is what bugs crave for the most. Traditional mattresses are highly prone to such attacks and infestations.

Not air mattresses though! You ask why? Well, here?s your answer- air mattresses are built out of Poly Vinyl Chloride, or what we commonly refer to as PVC: which are immune to any sort of puncture formation. Also, because there is nothing except air between two adjoining surfaces of an air mattress, bugs cannot find any sort of hiding place, whereas, in a conventional mattress, there is foam present, which gives them exactly what they crave for- generous amounts of space to make your life a living hell.


Feelings of itchiness during the night only to be left with red marks and abrasions on the skin with a puncture type structure in its centre is obviously the most natural way to come to a conclusion. If you have become the victim of any such marks and patches occurring on any part of your body, the news is obviously bad for you. But just for the sake of it, you need to hear it out loud. Your dear and the beloved bed has finally become the house for these little pieces of disgust.

However, if you do not observe any sort of abnormalities on your skin, it does not necessarily mean that your mattress is completely devoid of bed bugs, because the thing with bugs is that they have the potential to live dormant for up to 18 months, which basically means that bugs can even survive a nuclear holocaust, let alone not feed for some time.

So, it is best to keep inspecting your air mattress for some dust-like particles that can possibly show up under the bedsheet that you lay down on the air press, and even look for some rust like stain marks on the mattress, curtains, furniture etc.: all of which are indicative of the presence of bed bugs.

If in the event you do notice such signs, just wash off your bedsheet with boiling hot water to kill off any germs and eggs that may have been left behind by them. Subsequently, the best option is to call a pest control professional to get rid of them once and for all, instead of waking up every night just to scratch yourselves here and there.


As to give a final word whether or not bugs can find their home in an air mattress or not, it is very fair to say, without any sort of hesitance, that air mattresses are a really effective way to reduce any sort of possibility of bugs infesting your bed and hampering your precious sleep in the meantime.

Even though it is an excellent option to deal with such a problem, it is still not a hundred per cent guaranteed that using an air mattress will resolve your problem once and for all. The top, sides, folds of the bedsheet, the seam of the mattress are still worthy and possible places where bugs might find their paradise and haunt you for a long time to come. Taking the proper precautions though can eliminate this completely and ensure that all you get at night is a deserved and a good night?s sleep.


  1. One of the best practices and measure is to thoroughly keep cleaning the bedsheets with boiling hot water in a maximum span of 3-4 days to eradicate from the sheet any possible eggs that any possible bed bug might have laid on them.
  2. Another good safety precaution would be to have your house inspected every now and then for any outbreak or existence of bugs by a professional team/organization of pest control.
  3. If you make use of gel foam or memory foam over an air mattress, the best suggestion would be to stop it altogether. However, if you do want to use them owing to their comfort or whatever reasons and you find it necessary to get rid of them, make sure that you place the top section underneath an encasement cover to isolate it from any sort of contact with the outside world.
  4. You could add an extra layer of security to the airbed of your mattress by simply wrapping it in a protector. This will not only provide you with extra comfort as compared to gel or memory foams but shall also protect your mattress from any sort of bug infestation.
  5. They say simplicity is the best policy and whoever said it was darn right. It does not depend on whether or not you are a sucker when it comes to making your bed extra comfortable by making use of foams or the variety of things existing in the market for the same. If bugs are a concern to you (that they might infest your bed even after various precaution), then you can adapt the simplest of solutions for the same- just encase your mattress and possibly your pillows too in some sort of cover or something and just stash them away and sleep as peacefully as possible without any sort of worries.
  6. The floor of the house is the carrier for anything and everything that happens to you (health-wise). Which is why placing the mattress simply on the floor is just an invitation for the bugs to come and party. What you can and should do is to get the bedding off the floor and place it on a platform that is supported on wooden or metallic legs, thus keeping the entire structure off of the ground and consequently away from any type of possible spread of bugs.
  7. Hygiene- a factor that almost all of us take for granted without understanding its importance to our health. Not maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in your household is again a major invitation for bugs to stretch and spread their legs and also expand their kingdom while making your mattress their throne. Throwing clothes here and there, not cleaning your clothes at regular intervals, wearing the same clothes over and over while taking them to almost every place you can think of, are just some of the ways through which bugs can inhibit your house.


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