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Eve Mattress Review UK 2019

Living in a world where we are constantly on the move makes us deserving of some comfort and luxury once we’ve taken the time to relax at home, which makes sleeping a favourite activity for most adults in the 21st century. However, the wrong mattress can also prove to be a hellish experience for the lowly mortal who is doing nothing but to try and escape to the world of dreams.

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as the perfect mattress, but with the Eve Mattress, an element such as close to perfection is achieved. Eve Mattress is manufactured and supplied by Eve Sleep LTD, and it is based in the UK. They provide their mattresses all over Europe as well as America. It is also important to mention that this mattress was the result of over 75,000 trial and error experiments. So you can assume, that this mattress has been made with love keeping in mind the needs and comfort of the public. But before we dive deeper into this review, I would first like to give you a brief overview of the types of material that have been used in the construction of the Eve Mattress.


The Eve Mattress is made up of three distinct layers with a combined thickness of 25 cm, the layers are classified as the ‘Top Layer’ meant for providing comfort and cooling. The second one is called the ‘Middle Layer’ for support and pressure relief and the last one known as the ‘Base Layer’ for providing support to the other two layers, and they are each designed to give you the maximum comfort. Now, let me break down the fundamentals of each layer to provide you with a better understanding of the materials of the mattress.

Top Layer: The top layer is made up of memory foam which consists of 4cm or 1.5″ of the total thickness of the mattress. There is a little bit of space history attached to it as the NASA initially developed the memory foam for the purpose of improving the cushion’s safety in aircraft. The memory foam is made up of a polymer which is impregnated with air and as a result gives birth to an open cell structure which acts as a solid in cool temperatures but acts a semi-liquid in warmer temperatures. Hence, it would mean that the memory foam reacts to heat.

Consequently, the memory foam was given the nickname “Temper Foam” by Charles Yost who is the creator of the memory foam. Basically, when a person lies on the mattress, the temperature of the body softens the material around the body, and it engulfs the person by moulding it and by providing cushion around the individual resulting in an equal distribution of weight followed by pressure relief and comfort. But worry not; the mattress would spring back to its original shape as the temperature cools around it which is why it was also called “Slow Spring Back Foam.”

Middle Layer: The second layer provides the support layer for the memory foam as mentioned above. It is 3 cm in thickness, and it is also known as the cooling layer to provide subsequent cooling and breathability of the material while the individual sleeps on it. This layer is made up of polyurethane foam, and it is also called the poly foam. The memory foam and the poly foam are derivatives of the same compound as both of the materials are polymers, but the poly foam is treated with additional chemicals compared to the memory foam, so as to increase its density and viscosity giving it a more bouncy and sturdy characteristic.

The poly foam comes in three grades, namely, regular, high-density grade, and high resiliency grade. The regular grade and the high-density grades are usually used in the construction of mattresses with other materials, as they are not necessarily suitable for sleeping on directly, while the high resiliency grade is typically expensive and is not entirely suitable for sleeping purposes. So, you can guess that the former grades are used in the construction of the middle layer so that it provides steady support for the memory foam. The poly foam helps avoid heat retention and increases the flow of air and eases the pressure from the top layer.

Base Layer: For the third and the final layer, ultra-resilient grade poly foam is used as it is best suited for setting the foundation of the mattress. It completes the full thickness of the mattress by 18 cm which is about 7″ approximately. As the composition of the poly foam was mentioned earlier, this grade provides the highest density, which in turn provides the best arrangement for giving support to the whole weight of the mattress and the additional weight of the individual/individuals laying on it. Bottom line, the base layer helps in setting the shape and the support for deep compression.


Now, that we are clear about the composition of the mattress, which seemed quite impressive. Let’s delve further into if it really delivers well or not.

As you remember, the first layer typically ‘hug’ the sleeper, because of the material of the memory foam. As you ‘dive’ into it, there is a gradual sinking as the memory foam warms up and begins to compress and mold itself to the sleeper. This process takes up to a couple of minutes to complete and results in a compression of between 3 and 4cm, the feeling is quite pleasant and means that pressure points are pretty much nonexistent. But I am sure that it would be different for people with different weights, resulting in either more or less compression.

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The second layer of the Eve Mattress does a great job of holding and supporting the memory foam. As the memory foam has little resistance compared to the poly foam, it is the task of the second layer to provide a firm base so that any tossing and turning throughout the night is made comfortable and will not impact partners too much. And because of the sturdy quality of the poly foam, the memory foam was able to provide the necessary cushion to the body making it feel as light as a feather and at the risk of sounding cheesy, felt like sleeping on the soft contours of a cloud!


The mattress arrives folded and compressed, so during the unboxing of the mattress, do not panic thinking that the wrong mattress was sent. Initially, the mattress must be unfolded and put on the bed and should be given the time of about 4-6 hours so that it may expand. Here is a small tip, get the mattress unpacked hours before bedtime if you don’t want to spend the night on the couch!

Anyway, after the expansion of the mattress, it leaves an impression of a firm mattress, but instead, those feelings were reversed when a physical examination was made. It was found to be very comfortable, in fact, both my wife, two-year-old and dog all had a shot and seemed to enjoy the mattress. Owing to that, a series of ‘experiment’ were carried out, like for instance, kneeling on the surface, where the indentations made by the knee were visible, with the material surrounding it, the mattress would return to its original texture as the mass was removed. The same can be said for a bowling ball as well, and the material bounced right back as soon as the ball was removed. Plus, it was incredibly soft, which was almost luxurious.

With some mattress, the bounce factor or a shift of body can lead to the propagation of the movement to the other sleeper, which can lead to uncomfortable situations. For instance, if you are a light sleeper, and you have a partner who is crawling into bed late at night or is a restless sleeper, it can result in an uncomfortable night for you as well. Fortunately, the propagation of bounce with the Eve mattress is minimal, meaning the other person can sleep soundly without being disturbed by the activity that is taking place on the other side of the bed!

But I would address caution to the traditional spring mattress users as it might take some time for you fellows to get used to the smooth structure of the memory foam and the sinking, cupping feeling it gives you compared to the sturdy feel a spring mattress gives the users. It would also certainly take some time for the first timers to get used to it and that is perfectly normal but if you feel like this reason is making you unsure of purchasing one, don’t fret, because the company that sells this mattress allows hesitant users a 100 day trial period of the mattress. So that gives you seven weeks and two days to help you make up your mind on whether you can find the mattress satisfactory or not. And if that does not change your mind at all, you can always return it, with the free pick-up and a full refund!

Moving further, the memory foam does not precisely exercise breathability and the passage of air which could result in the heating up of the mattress because of the body heat during long durations of sleep hours. And it may increase the level of discomfort for heavier sleepers but the second layer, which is made up of polyurethane ensures the flow of air because of the way the polymer is engineered. And this serves as a cooling element for the Eve Mattress.

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Testing the Mattress

This section was the most fun part of the course of doing this review. Well, people have preferred position and locations of sleeping on the bed. Some can be least bothered, and some can be quite obsessively compulsive about this. So a test on the different areas of the mattress to address the durability, firmness, and the feel was required.

First up, if you are sleeping alone, or if you are the one who takes the maximum part of the bed leaving one-fourth of the bed to your significant other, then the middle part of the bed is your preferred location. Lying on the middle provides the maximum distribution of weight and depending on the weight of the body, about 4-5 cm of sinkage was observed which is supposedly the least amount of sinkage found compared to the other parts of the mattress.

Secondly, if you are somebody who respects the need for space and who believes in an equal division of bed space, or if you are someone who likes sleeping alone but not on the central part of the bed, it would mean that the side location of the bed would be your preferred location. Lying on the side is not much different compared to lying in the middle because it was observed that there is at least 5 cm of sinkage.

And lastly, after the night out, maybe you are feeling particularly exuberant and delighted, and a standard nightcap just won’t do. So you decide to stand on your new mattress and dance to your favourite tune, and while that sounds fun enough relative to your condition just hours ago, expect to feel about 12.5 to 13cm of sinkage at that moment.

Please note that the sinkage data would vary from person to person depending on the weight of the body.

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Personally, the mattress is a lovely sight to look at as the borders come in bright yellow while the top and bottom are white in colour. This is a contrast compared to most of the mattresses coming in dull greys and whites. Some people have objected to it by giving reasons of the yellow showing through the sheets or just generally preferring monotone colours. But I can only speak for myself, it’s a love it or hate it situation!

With the passage of time, the mattress could become dirty with stains and what not, which is honestly inevitable and to wash a whole mattress is an unthinkable task (hygiene comes at a cost!), but this product comes with a cover with a zipper, which would mean that you can remove the outer layer of the cover and perform your regular laundry action on it. And voila! Your mattress is all clean and sparking! Just remember that during the event of washing the outer cover, your mattress is vulnerable to stains and dirt. So keep your children, pets or just untidy adults away from your room.

The cover is made up of polyester giving it a stretchy and a soft touch to the surface. And the edges are made up of a sturdier quality to ensure quality and an extended lasting warranty as the edges are more prone to wear and tear. The bottom of the cover has four handles constructed with the same polyester material, which makes removing the bottom layer of the mattress easier because the foam can be quite brittle and may tear while removing the outer bottom cover.


The Eve Mattress is available in different sizes with different prices for interested buyers. And I am pretty sure you will find one for yourself. You will get it in –

  • Single which measures 90cm x 190cm
  • EU Double which measures 90cm x 200 cm
  • Petite Double which measures 100cm x 190 cm
  • Small Double which measures 120cm x 190 cm
  • Double which measures 135cm x 190cm
  • EU Double which measures 140cm x 200cm
  • King which measures 150cm x 200cm
  • EU King which measures 160cm x 200cm
  • Super King which measures 180cm x 200cm
  • Emperor which measures 200cm x 200cm
  • 7’x7′ which measures 215cm x 215cm

I don’t doubt that there is a size to suit every requirement.


Based on the above data, I would recommend the mattress based on the following views:

Because of the way it is engineered. It is bound to satisfy the customers with its bounce quality and the enveloping feeling it gives the users. These qualities will help in pressure relief, and it can especially prove to be helpful for people suffering from backaches or just any kind of body ache.

This mattress has a medium firmness which ensures that there is no excess of that sinking feeling; it is perfectly balanced by the second layer which offers firm support and an overall balance of weight distribution. And also, there is no mass transfer during tossing and turning which would ensure sound and undisturbed sleep to all parties.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the construction of the mattress, and there is nothing wrong with how it feels too. And those are positive points for any consumer to purchase one, but besides that, as I mentioned earlier, this mattress is offered with a 100 day trial period in case you want to see how it goes. And if you are still not happy with it even after that, you can always return it, with a free pick-up from the company and a 100% refund of your money.

And if you decide to purchase it, a warranty of 10 years is supplied along with this wonder product and a voucher for £50 is credited for your next purchase of any Eve products.


Truth be told, there isn’t much to say when it comes to the disadvantages of the Eve Mattress and some of them are banal to mention them, but still, some customers may be interested:

Customers have complained about the unpleasant, chemical-like smell from the mattress. While of course, new mattresses have the factory smell attached to them, the Eve Mattress has a severe issue as the smell had seemed to have lasted for weeks which have prevented some poor customers from sleeping on it despite purchasing a new mattress. But for what is worth, Eve Mattress does not contain any heavy metals, mercury or lead and has followed all guidelines and have met standards proving that it is suitable and perfectly safe for people of any age to sleep on it.

Even though it comes with a 10-year warranty, any normal wear or tear because of the lengthy period is not covered as that is bound to happen naturally.


After listing out the pros and the cons, it is pretty safe to assume that the Eve Mattress is a product worth purchasing because it qualifies as a comfortable mattress for people who especially suffer from body aches or ailments and even if they don’t, it ensures waking up lightheartedly without feeling stiff. Also, because of its composition, the mattress promises breathability and airflow which means that the mattress has its own cooling properties and would avoid trapping of heat in the mattress because of the heat it amasses. Plus it is a value for money as it also ensures a safe buy after a 100-day trial.