How To Make Memory Foam Mattress Cooler?

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

When it comes to comfort and pleasure, what is better than a soft, cushiony and super comfortable memory foam mattress? The level of comfort, support, and stability it gives to you and to your back is incomparable. Memory foam mattress, basically, is a combination of memory foam along with supported foam or springs.

This gives exceptional and notable support. The basic logic behinds its comfort is that it utilizes your body heat to soften and gets moulded according to your shape. When the pressure is removed from the foam, it returns back to its original state slowly. And over time it remembers your body shape and gets moulded according to your shape, that’s why the name is given, ‘memory’.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress is packed on with a number of benefits. Early mattresses were not that good, but the latest memory foam mattresses have some advanced abilities and benefits. Some of those benefits are:

Ideal comfort and support

The ability of the foam to acquire the shape of the person makes it a perfect and an extremely comfortable and supportive mattress. Also, it gets used to the shape of that individual who has been using it for a while and moulds itself to the requirement of the person. This is the best and well-appreciated feature for which the memory foam mattresses are famous for.

Relieves Pressure-Point

A foam mattress uniformly spreads your body weight in order to lower the pressure on the heavy parts of the body. This will automatically release any pains and aches that might occur due to the wrong sleeping position and maintains good blood circulation while sleeping.

Decreases Overall Motion

When it comes to sleeping, many might get a problem of motion i.e. when one person moves or turns over in sleep, the other person, sleeping next to that person, might get disturbed. This can cause an uneasy and disturbing sleep. This issue is resolved by a memory foam mattress which has a material that absorbs the maximum motion and isolates it rather than transmitting it. So, when a person turns over or gets out of the bed, the other person beside doesn’t get affected or bounced out of sleep.

Dust Mites Reduction

Every house has millions of dust mites, which generally are harmless, but can be the cause of different allergies. The large spaces between old mattresses make it easily possible to burrow in. But this is not the case with memory foam mattresses. The dense structure and the kind of material availed or utilized decreases maximum dust mites in an efficient manner. With the combination of hypo-allergenic covers and memory foam mattresses, dust mites are controlled easily in your bedroom. This promotes a healthier, comfortable and smoother sleep.

Best Suited for all Sleeping Variations

Sleeping in a wrong position can give you back pain or back problem down the line, but with the adjustable feature of the memory foam, a mattress can get rid of that problem too. It adapts itself to the contours of the person irrespective of whether the bed is flat or angled. Whether you are a back sleeper or side sleeper or front sleeper, you will have absolutely no problem with this mattress.

Heating Issue with the Memory Foam Mattresses

In the early days when the foam mattresses were invented, they used to absorb a lot of body heat as well as surrounding heat. This caused a lot of problems while sleeping. But later, as time passes by, new and advanced mattresses were developed with temperature regulation ability.

Though these new mattresses come with temperature regulation feature, they still get warm due to excessive heat during summers. It’s quite ironic that with such great technology, we still bear warm beds. The reason behind the warming is that memory foam holds more body heat as compared to other mattress materials. Since the mechanism of a memory foam mattress is that it takes heat from the individual’s body and gets moulded in order to work properly. So for this obvious reason, the memory foam mattress sometimes becomes warm.

Ways to make Memory Foam Mattresses Cooler

Though the temperature regulation technology of the memory foam mattress regulates or decreases the temperature to certain limits, it still gets warm due to overheating in summers. To get rid of this heating problem or to reduce it, even more, certain methods are available which, if applied can make memory foam mattress cooler than ever. These include:

Using a Topper

Adding or using a memory foam mattress topper can instantly upgrade your mattress. This is the best way to instantly cool down the mattress temperature. It is developed from high-density foam which utilizes your body heat for moulding according to your shape. There is a foam topper called Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper which has all the characteristics of conventional memory foams. The gel-infused toppers allow circulation of extra air, keeping the mattress cooler at night. Also, it is inexpensive and light in weight.

There is another type of memory foam mattress topper known as Egg-Crate foam mattress topper that looks like an egg carton. Its surface is divided into dips of equal measurement that gives shock resistant ability, better support, and relieves pressure points. More breathing space is created because of it being more capacious.

Latex Toppers are also available widely, but some people have faced issues with the latex toppers. They stated that latex toppers trap or holds heat to a certain extent and develops uncomfortable and uneasy sleepy situations. Same is the matter or problem with some waterproof foam mattress toppers.

Adding a Mattress Pad (Cotton or Woolen)

The most basic and simplest solution to bring down the temperature is by adding a mattress pad over it. You can either use a cotton pad or a woollen pad for this purpose. Adding a cotton pad acts as a barrier between your bedsheets and the topper which ensures a more breathing room.

On the other hand, you can also make use of a woollen pad. Though it may seem contradictory (as wool helps in keeping us warm) in reality, adding a layer of it can help in several ways. The wool mattress pad can absorb maximum moisture, keeping it cool. In addition to it, wool is allergen resistant and natural moulder making it a good choice for allergic people.

Controlling Bedroom Climate

Apart from mattress toppers and pads, sustaining a stable and balanced temperature can help sleepers to cool off at night. Some tips that can be used for this purpose are:

  1. Choosing a cotton, woollen or natural fibre tops and bottoms instead of synthetic fabrics such as polyester. This promotes breathable surrounding and a cooler sleep.
  2. Opening windows for constant air flow in the bedroom. Maintaining a proper circulation of air can naturally help the mattress to cool down on its own.
  • Using a two-way fan can bring outside air inside while throwing warm and stagnant air out of the room. Once the warm air gets out of the room, it will automatically cool the foam mattress to a certain extent.
  1. A lot of people find it relaxing while sleeping when using a wet cloth and placing it on their body to get rid of hot nights.

Upgrading your Sheets

If you feel or get hot at night, then moisture absorbing sheets are the one for you. They are specially developed to prevent you from getting hot. If you already have a memory foam topper, these sheets are the investment you don’t want to miss. These sheets absorb sweat and decrease body heat. In addition, these sheets are made from high-quality cotton so that it provides enough coolant effect to retain heat from the mattress.

You can also use fitted sheets that cover the whole mattress at a go. But make sure that the measurements are matchable with the foam mattress, otherwise, you might wake up at night with no barrier between the memory foam mattress and your body.

Switching off the Lights

Though it may seem like a very small step or not so important method, switching off the lights and lamps can seriously make a big difference in your sleep experience. A lot of heat is produced by keeping the lights on for a longer period of time which eventually spreads in the room, making your foam mattress hotter periodically. So keeping your lights off can prevent the production of extra heat inside the room. Ultimately, it adds to your benefit and makes the mattresses favourable and cooler for sleeping.

Cost and Durability

The average durability of a normal mattress is about five years, but the memory foam mattress can last up to seven to ten years with proper maintenance.

The price of memory foam mattresses is slightly higher as compared to other normal mattresses, but its price has fallen in recent years. The memory foam mattress starts approximately from a price of ?100.

So if one cannot sacrifice or compromise their comfort while sleeping, then making an investment on it would be a great option. With this many benefits and plus points, it sums up a very good deal for the people who wants or craves for a quiet and sound sleep.


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