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A good mattress for a bad back is a mattress that helps maintain the correct ergonomic position of your spine while sleeping.

It must conform as precisely as possible to the shapes of your body. This allows your intervertebral discs, which act as shock absorbers, to rehydrate as much as possible.

A good back pain mattress will allow your back muscles to relax better.

Lower back pain is a common problem for people who sleep on a bad mattress. With a good mattress, people with back problems will sleep better at night and will have less back pain due to fatigue during the day.

Best Mattress For Bad Back

Here are the best mattresses for bad back in 2020:

A Detailed List of the Best Mattress For Bad Back

1. Simba Hybrid Mattress - Best High-Quality Memory Foam

Best High-Quality Memory Foam
Simba hybrid mattress
Simba Hybrid Mattress
  • Conical pocket springs that move individually and conform to your body shape while sleeping and avoid disturbing the person next to you when you move as they provide full back support
  • 25 cm thick
  • Several sizes available
  • Perfect for chronic back pain
  • Smell when unpacking


  1. Combination of the best technologies: to limit movement transfer as much as possible, to avoid retaining heat, for perfect support and absolute comfort
  2. Has an ideal sleeping surface.
  3. Composed of 4/5/7 layers for high-quality sleep with 25 cm thickness
  4. Has unique technology. 2,500 conical pocket springs for a dynamic awakening and optimal sleep
  5. A synthetic anti-dust mite latex, hypoallergenic and which allows perfect temperature regulation
  6. 200-night trial and 10-year warranty. Free and easy return

It combines softness and firmness and can be recommended for people who suffer from back pain.

The design of the mattress is ingenious.

The mattress has a cover which provides a hypoallergenic sleeping surface. To avoid sweating, the cover optimises air ventilation. It is washable in a machine at 40 °. 

2. Casper Original Foam Mattress - Best High-Density Memory Foam

Best High-Density Memory Foam
Casper original foam mattress
Casper Original Foam Mattress
  • Very good value for money
  • Very comfortable
  • 10-year warranty
  • Mattress suitable for sensitive backs
  • The mattress releases a very faint smell when unpacking. However, if you place it in a ventilated room, the smell will dissipate after a few hours.


  1. All the foams used in the composition of the mattress are CertiPUR certified (manufactured without formaldehyde, mercury, lead or other heavy metals and without ozone destroyers and no emission of volatile organic compounds)
  2. Unparalleled comfort experience for unmatched sleep
  3. 200-night trial and 10-year warranty. 
  4. Better balance between comfort, support and flexibility with a thickness of 24 cm
  5. Very good mattress for people suffering from lumbar problems
  6. Ensures balanced comfort and perfect temperature regulation

It is a highly recommendable mattress purchase because it is perfect and it does not retain heat.

The Casper mattress is designed to suit all sleepers regardless of their body type or preferred sleeping positions.

It is a hybrid foam structure and a superior foam optimises the ventilation of the mattress with open micro-cells.

3. Epeda Pro 5000 - Best Multi-Active Technology Mattress

Best Multi-Active Technology Mattress
Epeda Pro 5000
  • Good value for money
  • Permanent ventilation and hygiene brought to the mattress thanks to the 2 aerators.
  • They guarantee a balancing of the lying temperature
  • Very good thickness
  • Good maintenance of the lumbar area
  • Nothing to report


  1. Reinforced lumbar area. Which makes it an ideal mattress for those with back pain
  2. Excellent sleeping independence.
  3. 26 cm thick
  4. Natural ventilation.
  5. The mattress is hygienic
  6. Continuous air renewal thanks to the springs. Which limits perspiration and provides dynamism
  7. One summer sleeping side and one winter sleeping side

The mattress takes advantage of the combination of foam and spring technologies, which gives the Multi-actives.

It is an ideal mattress for back pain.

The Epeda pro mattress is recommended for 2 types of sleepers: people with lower back pain and those with cold.

4. Hypnia Spring 7 Zones Memory Mattress - Best High-Density Latex Foam

Best High-Density Latex Foam
Hypnia spring 7 zones memory mattress
Hypnia Spring 7 Zones Memory Mattress
  • It has 7 comfort zones and its strong thickness of 30 cm
  • This mattress will be a bit like your back medicine.
  • Treated against dust mites
  • Helps to reduce pain in your joints.


  • Nothing to Report


  • Combination of springs + high-density foam + latex for exceptional back support
  • 7 support zones ( especially the reinforced lumbar zone) to respond to sensitive back problems and herniated discs.
  • 30 cm thick to accommodate all builds
  • Very firm support with an ultra-soft welcome
  • Treated against mites
  • One of the best back mattresses on the market and 120 nights to test it out at home.

This mattress is perfectly suited for people with fragile backs as well as for athletes because of its flexible welcome and firm support.

You will appreciate its 7 comfort zones and its strong thickness of 30 cm which will adapt to your spine even if you are an overweight person.

This mattress will be a bit like your back medicine, it will not treat the causes of your back pain but it will reduce or even make your pain disappear (in cases of mild back pain).

5. Kipli Natural Mattress - Best Ecological And Healthy Mattress

Best Ecological And Healthy Mattress
Kipli natural mattress
Kipli Natural Mattress
  • 22 cm thickness
  • The most ecological and healthy mattress
  • Two blocks of natural latex: 65 kg / m3 for the most welcoming side and 85 kg m / 3 for the firmest side with 7 comfort zones
  • All covered with a rubber cover, organic cotton and wool depending on the sleeping surface
  • Little Expensive


  1. Wool and organic cotton cover.
  2. Does not involve any glue or other chemical product (including treatment).
  3. Very good heart support even for large builds
  4. Fair price + 100 nights to try it at home.
  5. It is a firm-to-heart mattress whose firmness is suitable for people of medium to heavy build.

Unlike synthetic latex mattresses, you will benefit from a mattress core with a higher density which implies better support at the core to support your back properly.

As for unique mattresses, the brand has an offer to try the mattress directly at home for 100 nights, which means that you don’t blindly buy a mattress online and pray for it to suit you.

Which back pain mattress to choose?

Almost 9 out of 10 people suffer or have suffered from back pain or low back pain. Considered the evil of the world, back pain can occur due to several factors: poor posture, bad mattress or box spring, stress, diet …

To avoid or reduce back pain, health professionals recommend changing your bedding every 8 to 10 years. This period may be longer or shorter depending on the quality of your mattress. They also recommend you choose a bed that is adapted to your sleeping style.

Sleep is key to your physical and psychological condition! It is therefore crucial that you choose the right mattress and box spring, especially if you are suffering from low back pain or back problems.

Here are things you should consider when buying a mattress:

  • The level of comfort (or firmness): the mattress should not be too soft or too firm. We recommend opting for a mattress with balanced (or semi-firm) comfort. A mattress that is too firm will make your back pain worse because it will not adapt to your body and therefore will not decrease your body’s pressure points. On the contrary, a mattress that is too soft will not support your spine enough.

Balanced comfort will give your body the perfect support while providing flexibility to reduce pressure points. This type of comfort is ideal for people prone to back pain in bed.

  • The reception of the mattress (or feeling of comfort): you should choose a soft or enveloping reception to reduce back pain during your nights. This mattress reception, coupled with firm support, allows the mattress to hug the pressure points of your whole body: shoulders, hips, buttocks …
  • Temperature regulation: often neglected, the mattress must offer good regulation of body temperature. If the mattress stores the heat emitted by you, you will not sleep well. You will get agitated and your lower back pain might get worse.
  • The right size of the bed: 140×190 cm beds are still the most commonly purchased today. However, if you or your partner move around a lot during sleep, your quality of sleep will be affected and your back pain may get worse. if the space in your room allows it, we recommend that you choose a 160×200 cm bed especially if you sleep with your partner.
  • The right box spring: the box spring plays a crucial role in the comfort of your nights and your back pain. A real shock absorber, it absorbs a third of your movements during your sleep. It also guarantees good ventilation to remove moisture associated with your body’s natural perspiration during the night. We recommend choosing tight slatted bases.

What mattress technology is best for back pain?

  • Support zones: a mattress offering several support zones (multi-comfort, 3, 5 or 7 zones) is ideal for ensuring perfect support for your body. These zones reduce pressure points with different levels of firmness depending on the parts of the body: shoulders, lower back, pelvis, etc.

These comfort zones are generally present in mattresses containing latex or memory foam. However, some spring or foam mattresses offer different support zones.

  • Latex: we recommend latex mattresses for people who tend to sweat a lot. This material provides excellent ventilation of the mattress
  • Memory foam: memory foam has thermoregulatory properties, that is, it reacts to body heat. It perfectly follows the curves of the body to envelop it and relieve all the pressures that cause back pain.
  • Pocket springs: pocket springs mattresses provide sleeping independence, excellent ventilation and homogeneous support to the body. This material is suitable for all body types.
  • Electric beds, known as relaxation beds, can also be a solution for back pain.


When it comes to back pain, there is no mattress technology that is superior to another. Whether it is a foam, latex, spring or shape memory mattress, all technologies can be used. It is the quality of the mattress’ layers that matters most.

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