What Is The Best UK Mattress? Brand Buying Guide

We evaluated and tested the top-selling Mattresses in the UK to bring you the best.

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Eve Sleep Lighter Hybrid Spring and Memory Foam Mattress
Eve Foam Rolled Mattress
Best Overall
Casper original foam mattress
Casper Memory Foam Mattress
Best Hybrid
Simba Hybrid Mattress
The Simba Hybrid Mattress
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Considering that we spend a third of our lives asleep, it’s easy to argue that it’s worth spending that time as comfortable as possible.

Not everyone can cover the expense of a plush mattress, but this does not mean you won’t get a bed that suits your budget.

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend spending as little as possible, you might be surprised at how much mattress you can get for your money.

We have lined up some of the top-rated mattresses from the leading mattress brands.

There are many different designs, materials, construction methods, and firmness levels available. They all have there advantages and disadvantages, which can have a significant impact on how you’ll wake up in the morning.

If you tend to wake up with aches and pains, then it’s likely your mattress doesn’t suit your needs.

Many factors are to be considered before taking home a mattress. For example, which sleeping position does the mattress favour? What kind of firmness level do you prefer?

When you’re shopping for a mattress, and you’re comparing brands, always keep in mind what you’re looking for.

Try not to compromise on your must-have features or take home a bed simply because of its features or accessories that you might not need.

Fortunately, we have done the work and rounded up a detailed overview of what we firmly believe are some of the most outstanding mattresses that are available to take home today in 2020.

By the end of this article, you’ll know about the specific features of the bed and what each layer does for you in your sleep. You’ll know-how support, breathability, motion transfer, and overall comfort effect the end product.

We’ll also provide a detailed buyer’s guide so that you can know more about the factors and features to consider. Understanding what is right for you is the only real method of choosing a high-quality mattress.

10 Best Mattresses 




Firmness Level


Eve Foam Rolled Mattress

Memory Foam


10 Years

Leesa Premium Foam Mattress

Memory Foam


10 Years

Casper Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam


10 Years

The Simba Hybrid Mattress



10 Years

Happy Beds Signature 2000 Spring Organic Mattress

Pocket Spring


5 Years

SilentNight Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress

Box Spring


5 Years

Rest Assured 2000 Pocket Mattress

Hybrid Mattress


5 Years

GhostBed Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Gel Memory Foam


20 Years

Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam


20 Years

Hypnia 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam


10 Years

A Detailed List of the Top UK Mattresses

1. Eve Foam Rolled Mattress with Contouring Memory Foam - Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice
Eve Sleep Lighter Hybrid Spring and Memory Foam Mattress
Eve Foam Rolled Mattress with Contouring Memory Foam
      • Breathable cooling cover- it’s made from 30% more breathable foam than regular foam
      • Responsive foam contours to your body and absorbs sleeping motion
      • The supportive base layer- provides the right bounce
      • Deluxe fabric cover is tough and hypoallergenic
      • Tested for unpleasant substances to ensure clean airflow
      • Can sleep on all bed platforms
      • Adjusts to all body positions
      • It has a higher than average degree of bounce for a memory foam mattress
      • It favours warm sleepers rather than cool sleepers

With Eve they say life becomes simpler. Eve foam mattresses rank as some of the most comfortable beds in the world. With this model, you have 100 nights free-trial period to determine whether this bed is excellent for you.

Why do we consider Eve as the best mattress?

Construction of the Eve Foam Mattress


The 1 cm cover has a construction of 100% polyester fabric. This dorlastan blend cover is highly breathable. It regulates the bed’s temperature for those hot summer evenings. You’ll like that polyester is naturally fire retardant, so there’s no need for using other chemicals.

It is a four-way stretch cover that does not lose its shape after washing. It comes with a zipper to ease the removal of simplified cleaning. It is machine-washable at 40 degrees so you can have it ready for use at a moment’s notice.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this mattress is the aesthetics. It has a white top layer with yellow sides. Some people may find it overwhelming as it goes contrary to the traditional grey color schemes. Otherwise, it is a bed you can look forward to sleeping in every night.

Knitted Top Layer

The top layer is 4 cm of memory foam. It provides significant pressure relief, bounce, and cooling comfort. The fabric wicks away sweat hence it allows the mattress to remain fresh and clean for daily use. The memory foam is CertiPUR certified to meet British and European standards. As such, you have the assurance of a high-quality bed.

Memory Foam Layer

This is the support and pressure relief, as well as the cool sleeping layer. It is 3 cm of polyurethane foam, designed to provide optimum support for the sleeper. The open cell structure is a remedy for cooler sleep. This layer is also more breathable to ensure you wake up without sneezes.

The polyurethane foam is very responsive such that it sinks according to the pressure you apply to it. It moves with you relieving any pain and pressure from your body.

Revolutionary Cooling Layer

Next is a 3 cm layer constructed using 30 times more breathable foam than standard foam. It dissipates heat faster eliminating any chances of hot nights. Unlike the Hypnia mattress, you can sleep on this bed even in tropical areas. The increased airflow allows the mattress to remain fresh.

Base Support Layer

18 cm of this mattress is dedicated to a firm high-density foam layer. It is the foundation of the bed and provides durable support. It can withstand long-term use thanks to the resilient foam. It is also tested for strength to support all sleeping positions. It maintains the shape of the mattress so that it stays in excellent condition.

Anti-Slip Base

This bed is also not intended for flipping. The base surface has an anti-slip surface which prevents the mattress from shifting if you place it on a slippery surface. It is inherently fire retardant meaning you can count on it not to catch fire in the case of a fire accident at home.


The medium-firm level of the Eve foam falls at around 6.5-7. This is on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. This bed feels a little firm since it does not sink to a great extent. The base layer provides extensive pushback which counters the soft feeling of the memory foam top.

It can equally support all positions since the memory foam contours to accommodate all pressure levels. It doesn’t matter the weight you apply to it. This bed can provide all-around comfort for your sleeping style.

Flaws but not Setbacks

It has a high degree of bounce

The degree of bounce experienced in the Eve foam mattress leaves little to be desired. This is because it drives the motion from one side of the bed to the other edge. It is only interesting is if you are buying the mattress for your love nest. Nevertheless, it has great edge support such that even with the bounce, you’ll never feel like the mattress will eject you when you turn.

2. Leesa Premium Foam Mattress Review - Best Memory Foam

Best Memory Foam
Leesa Premium Foam Mattress
      • Creates a luxury sleeping feeling through a premium foam construction
      • Three layers of high-density foam including 5cm airflow top, 5cm pressure-relief foam, and 15cm dense core support
      • Improved durability and structure support persons of all weights and sizes
      • Construction from premium materials
      • It has a fresh, polyester cover
      • Seamless edge for optimum comfort
      • Clean and fresh- no chemical odour upon the opening of the rolled package
      • It feels firm for most side sleepers
      • It needs time to expand fully
Since 2014, Leesa has provided consumers with a convenient method of buying mattresses. This mattress sells online and comes in the famous bed in a box package. Do you want to sleep like the world’s greatest? You’ll want to take a look at Leesa.

Why Leesa is so popular?

Construction of the Leesa Premium Foam Mattress

The Leesa mattress boasts construction from all premium materials. It has an excellent combination of contouring pressure relief, cooling bounce, and supportive core.


Starting with the cover, you are looking at beautiful grey and white aesthetics. The cover is a polyester blend that is soft and smooth. It gives a snug sleeping area since it stretches only to the extent of the sleeper.

The thickness of this cover is better than what you can find on regular memory foam mattresses. This means it will not wear out before the memory foam starts to sag.

Comfort Layer

The top layer is 5 cm of comfort Avena foam. It provides constant airflow between the layers hence providing cool sleep night after night.

It helps to regulate the temperature. It provides the mattress with a responsive bounce so that you’ll feel comfortable in whichever sleeping style you prefer.

Memory Foam Layer

This is the middle layer which comprises 5 cm memory foam. It moulds to the body such that you can sink better and get exceptional pressure relief.

When it comes to heat retention, this bed is constructed with ingenuity such that the top cooling layer helps to dissipate the heat from the middle layer.

The Avena comfort layer also provides the pushback you need. It lets you sink but not deep enough for you to feel stuck. It just feels like sleeping on a premium memory foam bed.


The core of this bed has 15 cm of dense polyfoam. It gives this bed the strength, structure, and durability it deserves. It can support sleepers of all weights and sizes. You’ll like that it is a foundation that can sleep on all platforms.

Motion Transfer

If you toss and turn at night, this bed sounds like an excellent choice. It does not transmit motion from one side of the bed to the other. It is your pick if you have a partner who’s every move you don’t want to feel.

This is because the combination of the Avena foam and memory foam works to dampen the movements. It also localizes motion such it’s not felt even when someone is getting in and out of bed.


The Leesa mattress scores a 7 out of 10 firmness level. It is a bit on the firmer side favouring stomach and back sleepers more than side sleepers.

This sounds great for persons who sleep in multiple positions so you won’t feel like you are compromising on any levels of comfort. It has a bit of bounce thus preventing sinking deep into the bed.

Available Sizes

Leesa is another brand that offers choices in the size selection. It has many options including Single, Euro single, Double, Euro double, UK King, Euro King, and Super King sizes. Every bed can fit in various platforms to ensure you feel supported in whichever bed you like.


It is firm for side sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, this mattress does not quickly alleviate the pressure points. It needs some getting used to before you can say it will provide the perfect comfort for all night’s sleep.

3. Casper Memory Foam Mattress Review - Best Overall

Best Overall
Casper original foam mattress
Casper Memory Foam Mattress
      • Four layers of all-foam provide the cooling effect of latex foam and supportiveness of memory foam
      • 100%Polyester cover is soft and stretch resistant
      • The comfort top layer is responsive to provide some bounce
      • 4lbs. high-density memory foam layer in the middle
      • The poly-foam support layer helps transition between the soft upper layers and firm bottom layers
      • The thick base foundation is super-firm to provide durability
      • Minimum motion transfer
      • Great for everyone as it is chemical-free
      • Comes in a heavy package
      • Takes time before filling up to full size

Casper is known to be a master in perfecting the art of mattresses.

This particular model is a result of careful engineering meant to give the most satisfying sleep.

The four layers come together ingeniously to ensure every layer plays the role it is supposed to play in providing overall comfort.

Why it is considered one of the best mattresses?

Construction of the Casper Mattress


Built form 100% polyester, this cover is the surface that provides direct contact with your body. It is not only soft, but it also snaps back after pulling and stretching in your sleep. It will neither ruffle up after some time nor will it lose its shape.

This cover is however not machine-washable. This is because it may shrink. Instead, it is advisable to spot clean it with a mild detergent. We like that it is breathable and hypoallergenic, so you’ll always breathe fresh air every night.

Open Cell Top Layer

This is the comfort layer which has 3.7 cm of memory foam. It has open cells whose primary role is heat dissipation. It works to regulate the temperature thus preventing how sweaty nights. Since it is highly responsive, you’ll receive contouring comfort which hugs the curves of your body.

A high-density memory foam layer

4 lbs. of memory foam constructs the second layer. It is slow to respond to the body’s heat meaning it prevents your body from sinking too deep into the mattress. It offers pressure point relief as well as proper spine alignment. Since it is beneath the open-cell top, this layer drives out heat to the outer top surface.

Polyfoam layer

This section acts as the transition layer. It bridges the soft and hard sides by having a firm feeling. You don’t want to feel the pushback of a hard that’s why we have this layer to help balance the top and base layers.


The foundation of this bed is 12.5 cm of high-density polyfoam. It is firm and resilient to pressure, weight, pulling, and stretching of the mattress. It helps to preserve the life of the mattress so that it will serve you in great condition.

A high-density memory foam layer

The Casper Mattress does an excellent job of preventing motion transfer. The thick, bottom layers provide the bed with a method of dissipating disturbance so that you won’t feel every time your partner moves or gets in and out of bed.


This is an all-around bed which has medium-firmness for all types of sleepers. It works to distribute even the heaviest weight across the surface now providing even support. Since it contours to your body, it does not form any pressure points. It fills the space between your back and the bed to offer perfect spinal alignment.

Edge Support

We are pleased that Casper lives up to our expectations, most memory foam mattresses are not reinforced on the edges hence you may feel like falling off the edge. This mattress can spread the pressure evenly so that it remains stable over its full length. It maintains its shape whether you are lying on your back, side, or stomach.

Chemical Free

We feel that this is a feature that not many mattress producers care to hinder. But Casper is keen to build a mattress that is clean and fresh for the whole family. It does not emit any odour, and it is hypoallergenic. It is thus suitable for everyone including kids and the elderly.

Available Sizes

You don’t need to go looking for a plush mattress in a custom size when you could have the Casper for everyone in the family. It comes in various sizes enabling you to pick the one for your need.

If you want size for the family bed, you can have the Super King size or if you want one for a small kid they can indulge in the Single sized bed. It is also available in Euro Single, Double, European Double, and UK King sizes.

Warranty and Customer Support

Even for a great mattress like Casper, you still get 200 nights to determine if you like it or not. And if you do, it has ten years warranty. The mattress has outstanding customer support since it ships for free around the UK.

The package is quite heavy

You might think that since this bed comes in a box, it eliminates the troubles of lifting heavy packages. No, the Casper mattress is one of the heaviest even when rolled to compressed size. As such, you’ll need to ask for help when transporting it to your bedroom.

4. The Simba Hybrid Mattress Review - Best Hybrid

Best Hybrid
Simba hybrid mattress
The Simba Hybrid Mattress
      • 2500 conical pocket springs provide pressure relief
      • Combines the conical springs and latex foam
      • Enjoys minimum motion transfer
      • Fits snugly on all mattress bases
      • Coils assists in adding to the bounce
      • 100% polyester cover is stretchy and responsive
      • The medium-firm feel is suitable for all sleepers
      • Hypoallergenic cover promotes breathability and thermoregulation
      • Visco memory foam moulds to your body
      • Needs some patience when waiting for it to expand fully
      • Only available in grey and white colour palettes

Simba is a company that cares about the opinions of their customers. Before the construction of this mattress, they had to collect information from around 1 million people. This speaks of a bed that is constructed to meet the specific needs of the users.

Why you may like it?

Construction of the Simba Hybrid Mattress

With five luxurious layers, it is designed to help you get the quality of sleep you’ve been yearning for all these years.


Simba uses 100% polyester to construct the cover. Foam is not integrated into it making it so that it remains breathable. It makes for an exceptional choice if your bedroom happens to be on the topmost floor of your house.

The cover stretches to the extent of the pressure applied. This is an advantage since it bounces back to its original shape. You’ll have it for a decent period.

Top Layer

This is the layer that provides all the breathable comfort you receive. It is 5 cm of latex foam which is known to offer some beautiful cooling properties. It is on the top layer that you also expect to have direct comfort, cooling, and bounce.

2nd layer of Micro coils

We find this type of layering genius since these coils are sandwiched between the top latex foam layer and the third layer of memory foam. The micro coils in the second layer are each independently encased in 2 cm of foam.

It helps the bed contour to the shape of the sleeper to assist in ridding of pressure points. We also like that it adds to the bounce which makes it a popular choice for anyone who suffers a constant backache.

Memory Foam Layer

We love to have a supportive layer where you are sure the bed will not sink further than it should. With the memory foam support layer, it acts as a transitional layer between the soft top parts and the firm foundation. It also contributes to the pressure relief seeing that it conforms to the body’s curves.


As the foundation of the bed, we are pleased that Simba dedicates 15 cm of the high-density foam to make the base. Simba also ensures there are seven different zones to bear everyone’s weight.  It is durable, slip-resistant, and provides firm support. It is the reason your mattress won’t wear out immaturely.

Since the micro coils compress according to the pressure, they provide excellent transitioning to the bottom layers. It enjoys excellent support especially for heavy sleepers as it can sink evenly following the weight applied to it.

Motion Transfer

This is another area where we feel this mattress scores well. It has edge support meaning any movement is localized only to the area you are sleeping.

The coils respond to the motion in that they try to contain it as they are wrapped individually. The layering ensures the edges do not collapse when you are getting in and out of bed.

Cooling of the Mattress

The feel of this Simba mattress is one that favours cool sleepers. Seeing that memory foam is all the way in the third layer, it finds it hard to trap heat.

Most of the warmth dissipates from the thin cover to the latex foam and micro coils even before it works its way to the memory foam. It is no wonder people prefer this mattress for hot summers.

Quality Assurance

It’s good to know that all Simba mattresses are Certi-PUR certified to British standards. It passes the tests against harmful chemicals used in foam construction.

What’s more, Simba does not use fire retardants, ozone depleters, and heavy metals. It is one of the cleanest mattresses that you’ll ever adorn your bedroom.

Warranty and Customer Support

Among the mattresses that we are happy to report about customer support, Simba and Hypnia top the list. You have 10 years warranty on the Simba Hybrid mattress plus 100 nights free trial period.

The bed is delivered free of charge, and there’s a free pick up in case you feel it is not the right match for your needs.

It takes longer to expand fully

For someone who would like to sleep in this bed right out of the box, you’ll have to wait up to 5 hours so that it takes up its full shape. Otherwise, you may not feel the benefits of the many layers integrated into this bed.

5. Happy Beds Signature 2000 Spring Pocket Sprung Organic Mattress Review - Best Organic

Best Organic
Happy Beds Signature 2000 Spring Pocket Sprung Organic Mattress
      • Handmade and conforms to the U.K British standards
      • Hand-stitched side borders add support and strength
      • 2000 orthopedic pocket springs contours to sleeper’s body shape
      • Suitable for all types of bed bases
      • Fire retardant
      • Air vents on the side improve breathability
      • Natural fillings include organic cotton, lamb’s wool, and luxury silk
      • Medium-firm support feeling
      • It requires flipping for it to wear evenly

Why it is one of the best mattresses in the UK in our competition?

Belgian Damask Cover

This is a 100% cotton cover made with hand-stitched borders. It provides edge support by keeping the mattress intact in its dimensions.

You have a bed that has wool and silk lining the edges such that it gives a luxuriously soft feeling because of the thickness.

These organic fillings lead us to believe that the mattress will wear out evenly just as the spring coils start to lose their tension.

Pocket Springs

Being an orthopedic mattress, the bed has a construction of 2000 spring coils. The springs are each individually wrapped to localize the motion since each of them moves independently.

The pocket springs can contour to the body as they have a fabric wrapping. This does not mean it will mould to your shape, but it is useful in providing overall comfort because of the high number of spring coils.

Great Ventilation

This bed enjoys some very useful air channels. This feature alongside the spring coils ensures the mattress rarely traps heat in the system.

Heat dissipates to the outside so you can sleep cool. Some people have complained that the bed can trap heat in hot environments, but this is only in areas where the temperature is a problem.


Happy Beds enjoys a medium-firm feeling in the 5.5-6 range. It just feels like the Silent Night since it provides a luxuriously soft feeling. Most side sleepers find it great because it sinks deep, but back and stomach sleepers will not find it firm enough.

What we like is the edge support as it does not allow any sagging from the sides.

Motion Transfer

Since the pocket springs are independently encased, you are protected from your partner’s movements at night. Any motion from constant turning is limited to only the side you are sleeping.

The tufted top has some effect on the motion transfer by providing an internal barrier to movement.

Fire Retardant and chemical-free

This mattress is fire retardant. This is because of the wool fillings which are naturally fireproof. You’ll feel safe knowing that your bed is not treated with chemicals so that it can pass the fire test.

As such, you’ll not be dealing with which chemical odours after unpacking the mattress. You can sleep on the bed right away when it arrives at your home.

Spine Alignment

When it comes to relieving pressure points, this mattress is a great pick. The medium firmness along with the extra comfort layer gives you great relief for back and muscle pain. It supports persons of all weights and sizes. The hand tufting provides even support so that you won’t sink in unwarranted areas.

Available Sizes

The Happy Beds Company creates a 10-inch mattress in many sizes. You can get it in a Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, and a Super King Size. Now you have a reason to pick the size that suits your style.

Quality Assurance

We love that this brand conforms to British standards. This is because it uses the finest materials to construct the layers of the mattress. Being handmade we find it keeps up the high-quality in every dimension.

It needs flipping after some years

For even wear; this bed requires constant flipping to ensure it does not sag more in some places. This means you’ll lose some of the base support after it hits some years.

6. SilentNight Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress Review - Best Pocket Sprung

Best Pocket Sprung
SilentNight 1000
SilentNight Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress
      • Individual pocket springs- each spring is independently engineered such that it moves as a single pocket
      • Experiences minimal motion transfer as each pocket spring has the correct tension for responsive support.
      • All across mattress support due to reinforced springs from the edge to ensure it will never sink, wobble, or bulge
      • Personalization of the pocket springs provides they do not roll together, and it prevents disturbing a sleeping partner
      • One-sided convenience- it does not need to be flipped. Just rotating to maintain it in good condition
      • It has a polyester wall to increase its support and durability
      • Comes with a knitted fabric micro-quilted cover
      • Too soft for back and stomach sleepers

Considered the true sleep experts, SilentNight has been around for over 70 years. It is a company that issues some of the best-upholstered beds and mattresses which meet the top quality and certification standards.

Why SilentNight mattress is great?

Memory Foam Comfort Layer

The top layer has a memory foam construction. It is the adaptive surface which takes away the pains of pressure points. The bed jumps back to its initial size such that you don’t have to flip the mattress. Better still, this bed has numerous air inlets to let out hot air thus dissipating the heat.

Comfort Cover

The outer layer is complete through stitching together of the fillings. It creates a comfort quilt layer that offers a smooth sleeping surface. It achieves a luxurious touch for pressure relief and optimum comfort.

Fibre Fillings

The core enjoys polyester fillings. These are synonymous with wicking away sweat. You can expect to sleep fresh as the white fibre filling is layered to allow hot air through to the outer surfaces.

It also boasts hypoallergenic properties since it is resistant to the gathering of dust, dust mites, and bugs. The polyester fillings offer excellent mattress durability by being resistant to wear from stretching.

Mirapocket and Spring System

Handmade in the UK, this mattress uses 1000 body moulding pocket springs. Each spring is 12.5 cm in size and is encapsulated in a fabric. This prevents the springs from rolling together when you sleep.

It allows you to find your specific comfort as each spring provides zoned support. It spreads your weight over the bed and holds you up due to the high-tension springs.

The bed is mostly preferred by side sleepers since it is medium-firm and may sink further than what back and stomach sleepers prefer. However, the base also has a gentle push back to sustain the sinking to a comfortable level.

Spine Alignment

If you suffer from lower back pain, zoned support is essential to provide great pain relief. Since this mattress favours side sleepers, the mattress promotes healthy spinal alignment by removing the pressure from hard sleeping areas like the shoulders and hips.

It goes without saying that you’ll have better posture as your mornings will reveal a fully rested person.

Motion Transfer

The base of the spring is SilentNight’s exclusive Mirapocket springs. They provide an edge to edge support. This means that every movement is localized hence reducing partner disturbance. 

If you also like a bit of a bounce, this is the bed for you. With the pocket springs moving individually, it means that you can feel the buoyancy it provides when you turn. The spring system is silent hence it is one of the best for your most intimate moments.

Quality Assurance

It’s pleasing to find that every piece of wood on this bed is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified. This mattress is accredited onsite to ensure it meets all of Britain’s production standards.

SillentNight is a member of the Furniture Industry Sustainability program. Therefore, you are dealing with a company that cares about the environment.

Available Sizes

The SleepNight Company creates mattresses to suit a wide variety of users. For this particular pocket sprung model, it is available as a Single, Small Double, Double, and Super King size.

You have the chance to fulfill every sleeping need whether for a small kid’s bedroom or your super-sized king bed.

Too soft for back and stomach sleepers

With the pocket springs having a polyester filling, the bed sinks to a great extent. This is not the liking of many back and stomach sleepers who would love a firm mattress for support.

7. Silentnight Memory Sleep 5FT Kingsize Mattress Review - Budget Option

Budget Option
Silentnight Memory Sleep 5FT Kingsize Mattress
      • Body moulded memory foam disperses the body’s weight
      • Great for bedsteads and divans
      • 2000 pocket sprung memory foam
      • Individually wrapped springs allow independent movement of each spring to localize one’s motion
      • Air vents increase ventilation
      • A medium feel for cushioning and firmer level of support
      • Needs some extra edge for bracing
      • It cannot be used on all types of platforms

Another leading mattress brand is SilentNight. They have 100 years in their hands-on experience to give products that give optimal comfort towards a good night’s sleep.

This is the bed you pick when looking to get affordable luxury on where you lay your head. Expect to be awed by the expertise and craftsmanship that goes into the making of Rest Assured mattresses.

Why do we think it is one of the best mattresses?


The SilentNight mattress boasts a clean and fresh polyester cover. It has that velvety touch which gives you comfort when lying directly on it. Polyester gives it the cooling and temperature regulation properties since it is known to regulate the heat that you give off.

This cover has some impressive self-cleaning properties as it prevents the formation of mould and dust mites. It works as a barrier to external elements hence it stays clean over the long haul.

Top comfort layer

This is a memory foam surface that softens according to your body’s heat. It conforms to your curves to support every sleeping style. It has orthopedic support allowing it to relieve pain from everyday hassles.

For those who spend their days up and down, you’ll be pleased to find that this bed is a remedy for achy muscles. Although it doesn’t take away the pain completely, it helps you rest by ensuring your muscles are not achy when morning comes.

Air Vents

Another impressive feature of this bed is that it has specific air vents meant to cool the bed. This contributes to fresh sleeping which means you’ll not be contending with hot nights. By allowing air to flow between the layers, it also provides wicking away of sweat.

Pocketed springs

The base layer is support from 2500 individual pocket springs. Each spring sits in its cloth sleeve and is held at the maximum tension.

Whenever you apply pressure, the coils move independently thus localizing movement. These springs give the bed proper bounce to ensure you do not sink and get stuck in the middle of the bed.

Motion Transfer

Another aspect of this mattress is how well it contains motion. Silent Brodsworth excels in this area. The individually wrapped pocket springs ensure you will not transfer turns and tosses to your partner.  It has great pushback which comes in handy for heavy people.


Silent Brodsworth is a mattress that supports all kinds of sleepers and sleeping positions. The fact that it contours to your curves means that the bed sinks according to the person lying on it.

With a firmness level of 6.5, it is the right fit for the back, stomach, and even side sleepers. You are in luck if you sleep in multiple positions since you’ll feel supported at all times.

Warranty and Customer Support

SilentNight offers 5 years guarantee on their beds. Considering that it is a one-sided mattress where there’s no need to turn, it wears evenly to cover beyond the warranty.

It speaks of quality, durability, and reliability in the long run. The tufted support from individual pocket springs ensures even wear so you’ll have it for a long time.

Little Edge Support

Many people have found that the bed can sink too much when getting in and out of bed. This is because it lacks advanced side panels which may provide extra edge support.

8. GhostBed Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review - Cooling Option

Cooling Option
GhostBed Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress
      • Advanced cooling technology- it has continuously aerated latex foam
      • Naturally responsive plush memory foam
      • Proprietary gel memory foam provides cool nights and refreshed mornings
      • High-density supportive base improves the longevity of the mattress
      • Zippered plush cover wicks away sweat
      • Comes rolled in a box
      • Requires waiting up to a day for it to take on full dimensions
      • It favors some sleeping positions more than others

Nature’s Sleep is the company behind GhostBed Cooling Gel Memory. They have over 15 years constructing consumer mattresses.

As such, you know that only quality keeps a company relevant for that long. In that perspective, the Ghostbed mattress has undergone research and testing to ensure it meets the standards of a top-quality bed.

Why is it one of the best mattresses on the market?


This is a plush and stretchy cover built from 100% polyester. It enjoys a luxurious feel of soothing comfort owing to the soft top surface. It achieves a tight fit over every dimension of the mattress such that it prevents sagging when the mattress beats the years.

We love that it retains its stretch properties as it bounces back to its original shape when you are not sleeping in it.

This cover has a modern look for those who are keen on detail. It is in grey and white which are the traditional colors of a contemporary mattress.

Because of the thin polyester fabric, this cover is known to wick away sweat as well as regulate the bed’s temperature.

Another important feature is that it can be removed for washing.

Top latex foam layer

After the cover, you have a layer of open-cell latex foam. It is adequately aerated to ensure the bed has constant airflow. It provides cooling of the cover by dissipating heating to the outside and bottom layers.

It is also responsible for giving bounce so that your weight spreads evenly across the bed.

Core layer

This is an area where we see the cooling gel memory foam. It is less responsive than the top to keep the mattress from sinking deep.

You’ll love that it helps to keep the bed fresh as it is cool to the touch. Being in the middle, it provides transitional bracing between the soft upper lay and firm foundation.

Foundation Layer

This is 18 cm of high-density foam. It resists stretching and sagging from daily use of the mattress. It is the layer that helps in making the bed last in good condition for a long time. You’ll be at a loss to pass on years of plush sleeping experience.


This is another bed that exhibits medium firmness properties. It stands at 6.5 which is firm but a bit on the firmer side hence favouring back and stomach sleepers. Anyone can enjoy the feel and support of a medium-firm bed.

It moulds to the body seeing it is an all-foam mattress. Each layer has its level of responsiveness with latex foam the fastest to react to your body’s heat.

Motion Transfer

The Ghostbed mattress has minimal motion transfer. This is because it conforms to your body and localizes movement in the process.

It is a bed you’ll want to pick as a couple as it has the right bounce but contains it only on the surface you are sleeping on.

Slightly firm to people’s liking

Seeing that it is on the firmer side, some people have reported it feels like sleeping on a hard surface. These are mostly side sleepers since it may not eliminate all the pressure points.

9. Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review - Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly
Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress
Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review
      • Thicker than standard 10-inch mattresses (it’s 12 inches thick)
      • Top viscoelastic memory foam is very responsive
      • Gel layer pulls away heat from the top
      • Vitex memory foam base layer provides excellent pressure relief
      • The layers help the mattress remain breathable for a refreshing night’s sleep
      • Viscose/poly/spandex blend cover is thin to reduce surface-level temperatures
      • The cover is also anti-microbial and allergen-resistant
      • The new mattress smell is irritating to most people
      • The cover has to be spot cleaned only

Nature’s Sleep does not cease to produce some of the most dependable mattresses.

This model showcases a bed designed for stomach sleepers. It has different foam layers which all combine to provide optimal spinal alignment.

Why do customers like it?


The first thing you notice about this mattress is the sharp aesthetics. It is in two tones where the top is a clear white colour for the top layers, and the bottom is in blue.

This quilted cover is serene and supple to provide a comfortable resting surface. The texture feels more like a sued feeling which speaks of great quality.

It’s impressive that it has a zipper so that you can clean it to maintain its good condition. The cover is also hypoallergenic. It helps you sleep on a clean surface thanks to the breathable poly-spandex blend.

Top Comfort Layer

This is made with 3 cm of Visco memory foam. It is the responsive top surface which moulds to your body shape. It is fast to react so that as soon as you are in bed, you’ll fall into deep sleep faster.

Gel Memory Foam Layer

The second layer is 5 cm of cooling gel memory foam. It utilizes advanced gel technology to pull heat away from the upper surface. Memory foam is notorious for heat retention since it relies on the increased temperature to maintain the body’s curves.

With a gel memory foam layer, it regulates the heat thus providing cool sleep without losing the advantage of sleeping on Visco memory foam.

Vitex Memory Foam Layer

Nature’s Sleep has its exclusive memory foam; the Vitex. It is more responsive than regular memory foam to ensure you’ll not have any pressure hot spots before it moulds into your body. It provides excellent pressure relief and amazing support owing to its ability to stabilize under pressure.

With 20 cm of breathable but high-density foam, this bed remains in perfect condition for regular use. It passes durability tests since the bottom foam gives it the reinforcements it needs for even wear.


Although memory foam mattresses largely depend on the room temperature for the firmness, this bed does not give in to the outside conditions.

It maintains a 7.5 firmness level which favours stomach sleepers and some back sleepers. It evens out the pressure of heavy-weighted people ensuring that it will not sink.

Motion transfer and edge support

The thickness of this bed is one of the reasons it remains a popular choice. It has little sinkage hence very high edge support.

Whether you sit on the edge or jump on it during parties, it shows great resilience against such pulling and excessive pressure. It also excels in motion transfer seeing that it keeps your movement contained at one location. You’ll never feel the movement of your partner.

It has a slight chemical odour on the first day

No mattress is 100% perfect. Nature’s Sleep model comes compressed in a small box. This leads to the accumulation of an odour since there’s limited air circulation in the box. You should allow for at least 24 hours in a ventilated room to have the mattress lose the chemical odour.

10. Hypnia 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review - Best Firm Mattress

Best Firm Mattress
Hypnia Mattress
Hypnia 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress
      • 100% foam construction- 75kg/m3 memory foam is high-density yet lightweight
      • It has a medium-firm feeling for all sleeping positions and maximum pressure relief
      • Resilient to normal wear and tear as it resists the rolling effect due to your body’s contouring
      • Provides comfort for all body weights and sizes
      • Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites accumulation thus provides a clean and safe environment
      • Maintains correct body alignment of the spine and neck providing pain relief to aching muscles
      • Unique layering wicks away sweat
      • Patented cool, soft, washable cover reduces overheating
      • It needs to be used in areas with mild temperatures.

The Hypnia 10-inch mattress is a double memory foam mattress that provides the most sought pressure-relieving elements.

It draws from the need to give the sleepers a therapeutic night’s sleep by alleviating all pain and pressure points.

As such, you can expect to wake up refreshed and fully rested.

Why some customer may find it the best mattress UK?

High-density foam

With a 75kg/m3 density, this mattress achieves a medium-firm feel. It only sinks in the top layers ensuring that it remains supportive at the base.

This means that whenever you sleep, you’ll not sink deep, hence enabling sleepers of all positions to enjoy sleeping in this bed.

The high-density foam is also a remedy to improve its durability. It is resilient to normal wear by resisting the pressure applied by persons of all weights and sizes.


Viscoelastic foam is known to resist gathering of dust mites, bugs, and dust. It uses closed-cell memory foam which prevents external elements from penetrating the internal layers.

This keeps it clean which makes it more attractive to anyone who suffers from morning allergies brought about by sleeping on a less than a clean mattress.

Great Spine Alignment

The Hypnia bed is known to provide excellent spine alignment. Since it adapts to the body’s sleeping position, every pressure point including the hips, back, and shoulder receives a soothing effect.

Many people can speak to this fact, thanks to the pushback from the base layer of the mattress.

Temperature Regulation

This Hypnia bed uses highly adaptive foam. It is responsive to the body’s heat such that it only sinks where you lie.

This also means that it can dissipate the heat to the areas where you are not sleeping. It ensures that you sleep cool preventing the dreaded sleeping hot feeling.

Patented cool soft covers

This cover is quilted, removable, and washable. It has a soft upper surface to provide a smooth area where your body is in direct contact with the bed. We like that it has firm edges to ensure that it keeps the mattress in good shape.

You don’t need to flip the mattress after some years of use. Memory foam bounces back to its original form when it’s not in use. As such, the Hypnia bed can make do with rotating it for even wear.

Easy Setup

This mattress arrives rolled and compressed in a box. You’ll not have any challenges bringing it up a flight of stairs. You’ll love how easy it unfolds from the package as it is compressed to a very subtle size.

After placing the mattress on the platform, it only takes a few hours for it to expand to its full dimensions. Not to mention, it does not gather an odour due to the rolled size. You can use it right out of the box.


Everyone needs a mattress where they can rely on the producer to back their products. With Hypnia, we come across a mattress where you have 10 years warranty.

This means you can call on them anytime whenever you feel the bed is not meeting its initial expectations. However, you have 100 days to decide whether this bed suits your sleeping style.

Can sleep hot when used in areas with high temperatures

Because of the closed cell structure, this mattress is limited to how much heat it can dissipate.

If you live in areas with mild temperatures, the bed will feel fine. But for those in areas where heat is the order of the day, we suggest looking at other beds like the Casper Memory Foam Mattress.

What to Consider When Choosing a Mattress


Buying a mattress can be a huge expenditure, but it’s probably one of the most used pieces of furniture in any house. It is, therefore, imperative that you consider the cost of a new mattress.

Cheap mattresses are often not recommended and have little to offer in terms of comfort, support, and breathability. This goes to say that a mattress should come at a reasonable price but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to cost a fortune.

This is because, beyond a certain price point, the features do not make any significant difference to the comfort of the bed.


Here, you are looking at what makes the core of the mattress. Do you want it with a little bounce or with a firm base? Check out the four different types of mattresses including foam, latex, spring, and air. These structures determine the type of support you’ll get.


When looking at the support of a mattress, consider your sleeping position. Are you a side, stomach, or back sleeper. Regarding which position you prefer, there’s a mattress designed to cater to your specific needs.

So, which is the Best Mattress in the UK?

After looking at the details keenly, we feel the Eve Foam Rolled Mattress, Contouring Memory Foam Mattress reserves the top pick as the editor’s choice.
It is a bed that boasts some very reliable properties including contouring memory foam to alleviate all pressure points.
The four-way stretch cover ensures you sleep soundly as it snaps back right after stretching out.
It is a bed designed to provide the coolest sleep as it uses advanced technology to dissipate heat. With the high-density base layer; it’s your remedy for peaceful and fully-rested night’s sleep.

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