What Is The Best?Mattress?For A Slatted Bed?

Choosing a bed and its mattress is a hassle for many, as there are several options to choose from and several things to consider before buying one, such as the budget, the make, the lifespan, the material, the comfort, and medical reasons.

One of the most basic types of beds preferred by many is slatted beds which are installed with slats as compared to box spring bases. There are several debates too about the kind of mattress they support or whether one should choose a slatted bed.

Before understanding what is the best mattress for a slatted bed, let’s shed some light on what a slatted bed is and what the benefits of buying a slatted bed are.

What Is A Slatted Bed Base?

This is a bed base which is made of slats. Now the question is: what are slats? They are connected bars connected to the bed frame across the width of the bed. These slats can be made of wood or metal depending on the type and design of the bed but the most commonly used are wooden slats.

Basically, these slats are used to keep the mattress sturdier, and these slats are built pretty strong so that it can take the weight of both the mattress and the sleepers on it.

Slats make sure that the mattress lay firm on them and do not end up getting saggy and shifty, it keeps the entire weight of the mattress equally distributed and also it prevents the sleeper from sinking into the mattress.

One can find two types of slatted bed bases to choose from, which are sprung slats and solid slats. The main thing which makes them different from each other is how they fit in the bed frame.

Solid Slats

Solid slats are something that is built strongly of pine wood. They are highly supportive of the mattress as they do not allow the mattress to shift and sink. If someone wants a firmer bed with their mattresses installed, solid slats should be their option. While getting a solid slat one should be careful about the gap between the slats, as the more the gap, the more will be the chances of the mattress getting damaged and sagged.

The advised gap between the slats is 8cm or 3 inches approximately. Also, in the solid slatted bases, one can find an additional support bar that runs down the middle to the base to give reinforced support to the entire bed base.

Sprung Slats

Sprung slatted bed bases are also made up of two rows of slats which are a bit curved upward and have a flexible make. Also, there is a centre support rail to give an overall sturdy structure to the base.

Sprung slats are to make sure that the bed base responds to one’s body weight. Usually, slatted bases are made of flexible beech wood. The sprung slats make sure that as soon as someone puts their weight on the mattress, the bed base is able to relieve the pressure points. The sprung slats provide more of a cushioned feel to the sleeper and gentler support.

These are great for those who do not like firm bed bases. Also, this kind of slats put lesser pressure on the mattress increasing the life of the mattress.

Many a time, questions arise on what kind of bed frames is suitable for slatted bases. And the answer is, almost all kind of bed frames are. Solid slats usually go with wooden or metal frames whereas sprung slats can come with any kind of bed frames like the leather frame, fabric frame, metal or wooden frame.

Benefits Of A Slatted Bed Base

All types of beds have their own set of advantages and disadvantages which also depends on the need of one person to another. As every person has their own sleeping technique and likes and dislikes, one cannot say that one kind of bed is made for all. But the slatted beds, whether with solid slats or sprung slats have their own set of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Air circulation: airing the mattress is the most important part of maintaining a mattress and increasing its life span. In slatted bed base, one can be sure that the mattress will get a bit of air flow from the downside of the bed which is possible in plywood bases or box spring bases. Though it cannot replace the traditional airing of the mattress, it can definitely help a bit. Airing keeps the chances of mould and mildew out and also does not let moisture build up.
  • Aesthetic: the slats give a sleek and stylish look to the bed and a straight and firm look. This gives an overall good design to the bed and improves the look of the bed.
  • Durability: slats give durability to the mattress as it lay flat on the slats. This is great for people who like firm beds and does not like sinking into the mattress. For such people, the slats should be their go-to thing.
  • Cheaper: slatted bed base is significantly lesser in price than the box springs. And if one needs to save up on the budget, then this is the option to pick. Also, the slatted bed bases are cheaper, one can invest the cost saving in buying a heavy duty and a higher quality mattress. This makes the entire bedding more cost-effective and durable.
  • Underbed storage: slat beds provide under bed space which is not possible with a box spring bed. These are great when there isn?t much space in one?s bedroom because one can then store things under the bed easily.
  • Less metal: slats are made up of wood which means there is no metal involved in the bed base. If someone wants their bed to be metal free due to any kind of health reasons, then slatted bed bases should be their go-to choice. Also, if one chooses a latex mattress for their beds, then the entire bedding will be metal free.
  • Easy to move: if someone cannot go around moving their bed, then slatted beds should be the option to choose. Slatted bed bases can be separated slat by slat and then reassembled slat by slat thus making the entire moving off the bed a piece of cake. Box spring, comparatively, are heavy and takes a lot of tough manoeuvring to be shifted as compared to slatted beds.

Without any doubt, slatted beds should be one’s choice if one wants a hassle-free bed which is cheap, easy to move, sturdy and also keeps the mattress safe.

What Is The Best Mattress For A Slatted Bed?

Buying a mattress for one’s bed is usually the most difficult task, as one can find different types of mattresses for different types of beds. These types of mattresses are chosen according to one’s bed bases, sleep patterns, health issues etc. When it comes to buying a mattress for slatted bed base, one thing that comes to mind is that because of the gaps between the slats, the mattress should not sag in the gaps and should not get ruined quickly.

But the thing is that one can pair any kind of mattress with a slatted bed no matter what is the filling. There are many brands who make sure the mattresses are made with the gap size between the slats in mind, and one should check the information before buying.

The most common types of mattresses for the slatted bed bases are memory foam mattresses and the hybrid mattresses. The memory foam mattress with a heavy build and filling inside is usually the best choice as it makes sure that one gets a flat surface on the mattress and stops the mattress from dipping into the slat gaps. Memory foams are great for pressure relieving and body contouring support.

The hybrid mattresses are usually the best of all the world?s mattresses as they have all the features of different mattress type, such as memory foam, latex, coils etc. They are known for great support, body contouring, bounce, and cooling. These are great for almost all types of sleepers.

The mattress with good sprung mattress pads is also a good option of slatted beds as it provides support and also gives a firm feel to the bed. Also, if someone has an adjustable slat bed, the mattress should be suitable for that feature as it should be adjustable too.

Preventing Damage To The Mattress

Many times it is heard that slatted beds cause damage to the mattress as it ends up getting ridges in the downside and starts wearing and tearing. And as one knows that mattresses come expensive and changing mattresses can go heavy on anyone’s budget, it is necessary to prevent the mattress from getting ruined, so one can put any kind cushioning foundation base on the slats to keep the mattress safe from nips and cuts which occur when it gets rubbed on the slat edges.


Slatted bed bases are great for entry level bed bases as they are cheap and easy to move and also provide the needed firmness to the mattress. They are great for people who want a straight surface for chiropractic reasons as the slatted beds can easily be installed with a firm mattress without much sinking involved. There are several brands who now ensure they make mattresses that would fit a slatted bed and would not get damaged after prolonged use causing wear and tear.


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