What Is The Largest Bed Size?

A common mistake new bed-buyers make is choosing the incorrect bed and mattress size. The bed and mattress size to choose depends on the user of the bed. It also depends on the dimension of your room, comfort and desired levels of the individuals who are supposed to use the mattress.

The largest bed size you can get is 12*10 feet (365*301 cm). This article will explain to you the mattress and bed sizing, the suitable mattress type for different users, the foam density, and customization of over-sized bed.

Types of Bed/Mattress Sizes

Various sizes of mattresses are designed to fit each individual’s need and requirement. All these sizes have their own benefits, drawbacks, and users.


They have the size 27*52 inches. These types of mattresses are basically for babies. That is the reason they should be firm. Babies cannot adjust their positions into soft foams, hence they need a solid surface. You can choose either solid foam or innerspring mattress. Such mattress helps babies to have a safe and secure sleep.


The size of this type of mattress is 38*75 inches. Also known as a single mattress, they are the smallest mattresses other than the crib-size mattress. Practically, these mattresses might be somewhat short for some adults. It is, therefore, suitable for children with outgrown cribs. Twin mattresses can also be used as a guest bed, daybed or bunk bed in smaller rooms.

Twin XL

The twin XL mattresses have the same width of 38 inches, but an increased length of 80 inches making it 38*80 inch size. They have a similar size to that of a queen or king size mattress. These types of mattresses are suitable for taller children. It is suitable in compact room spaces.


It is sometimes called a double mattress. It is of the size 53*75 inches. It is 15 inches wider than twin size. Again, these may be short for some adults. When used by couples, each one of them will get a personal space of 27 inches only. Hence, it is mostly recommended for a single sleeper. They are a tight fit for two people. These are best suitable for teenagers or growing children to give them personal and comfortable space.


These mattresses have a width of 60 inches and a length of 80 inches. It is one of the most trending and popular mattress sizes. It is suitable for couples who do not need much sleeping space and require more living space. For single sleepers, queen size mattresses provide plenty of space.


The size of king mattresses is 76*80 inches. Two twin beds when attached make a king-sized bed. It means a couple can easily and comfortably fit in king-size mattresses and can get maximum personal space. It also gives a good arrangement for guest rooms. One drawback of these mattresses is that it is difficult to transport them in your bedroom and your bedroom must also be big enough for the mattress to fit into it.

California King

These are the standardized largest size mattresses. It is popular on the west coast of California. The size is 72*84 inches. The bed size must fit the mattress into it completely and properly. The California king-size mattresses are suitable for large bedrooms where there is lots of space to be covered by the bed.

Understanding Split Bed mattresses

There are two types of split king mattresses. One of them is half split king mattress. In this type, the mattress is split into two halves from the top part and are joint at the bottom. This is done to have a personalized foam type and density on each of the two sides.

Each person gets to choose the desired level of comfort. This type resembles two twin XL mattresses joined. The adjustable bed frame is needed for the split to be smooth and working.

A split queen mattress is also a join of two mattresses having 30-inch width and 80-inch length. Split queen size mattresses are used because they are easily movable, provides individualized comfort, and adjustable bed frames.

Best Bed Size

The suitable mattress size for couples is either a king-size or queen-size mattress. King size is suitable for a big bed and bedroom with lots of personal space, whereas queen-size mattress is suitable for comparatively small bedrooms and less personal space. To have personalized comfort, couples can split the king and queen size mattresses as well.

For tall people, the best bed suggestion is the king, queen or twin XL mattress. If a person is 6 feet and 4 inches tall, then California King is the best option for him.

The best bed size option for children, toddlers, and high schoolers is the twin bed which is 38*75 inches. If they are taller than the regular height, twin XL is most suitable for them.

The manufacturers of the bed leave some space on all the sides of the bed frame. This is done to fit out mattresses well onto our bed.

But, unfortunately, there is no standard and precise bed frame size and they vary according to the manufacturers. Hence, it is necessary to have a measurement of your bed frame so that the hassle of changing the mattresses if they don’t fit is saved.

Custom Bed Size

If your bedroom has quite a large space and you want to fit more than 2 people on a bed or have an extra-large size of the bed and its mattresses, then you will have to opt for customized bed and mattress sizes.

There are many manufacturers that design the beds and mattresses according to your needs and requirements. The largest bed size you can have in a customized version in 10*12 feet. Whatever the shape, size or design a customized bed fits into all your needs.

Mattresses Density and Foam Type

You might have noticed that some mattresses are soft, some medium hard and some very firm. It all depends on the foam used. In technical terms, the density of the foam decides its firmness and softness.

Density is the mass of the mattress foam. Basically, the higher the density of the foam, the more solid and heavy the foam is, and otherwise for the mattress foam with low density.

The durability and sustainability of the foam increase with the density of the foam, but it might seem a little hard to sit on. The three types of foam densities are as follows.

  • Low-density foam

The durability of this mattress is 5 years. It can sustain the weight of 3lb or less. It is suitable for back sleepers, average-sized sleepers, side sleepers, combination sleepers, light sleepers, people who sleep hot, low-budget buyers and seniors. It is comparatively cheaper than medium and high-density foam.

  • Medium density foam

It handles the weight of 3 to 5 lbs. The life span of the mattress is 7 to 8 years. It is suitable for back and side sleepers, light sleepers, stomach sleepers, combination sleepers, people having back pain and seniors.

  • High-density foam

It has a durability of 9 – 10 years. It can sustain the weight of 5lbs or more. It is best suitable for people with back pain, stomach sleepers, and average-sized sleepers. It is comparatively costlier than medium and low-density foam.

There are also different types of foam that are stuffed in the mattresses. Some of the most famous and widely used are foam, latex foam, and memory foam. Prior to the introduction of polyurethane foam, latex foams were widely used.

All these foam types differ in the feel, comfort, durability and sustainability attributes. Some of them are hard, some soft, cool, some hot, some cheaper while the others are costly.

Things To Remember When Buying Mattresses

?Following are the few things to keep in mind when you want to buy a bed/mattress and you are confused about the size and type attributes.

  • If you are just upgrading your current bed/mattress, make sure you know the size exactly. If you do not know, it may result in choosing an option which is either smaller or larger than your required size.
  • If your bedroom is new, make sure to have the right size measured, along with the size of the doors and pathways. Your mattress should not look oversized, or fall out of the bed. Your bed should not fill the entire room so that no space is left for walking.
  • The last thing to keep in mind is for whom the bed/mattress is being bought. The size and type of mattress depend on its user, whether it is for infants, children, teenagers, adults, couples or seniors. Also, individual level of comfort and desire must be discussed for the splitting of the mattress.

Besides the standard sizes, there are many customized mattress sizes. Each one of us has our individual preferences. So before buying a mattress, we must understand what size we want, the space of sleeping room needed, the kind of space we have, our comfort level as well as our partner?s comfort level and suitability for individual sleeping habits.


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