Why Are Tempur Mattresses So Expensive?

If you are not much different from most people, then you are likely to spend a surprisingly large part (about 1/3rd) of your life sleeping on your bed.

So, it becomes a matter of utmost importance to ensure that you get the best quality sleep possible. There are many factors which determine the quality of sleep that you get, one of the most important is the quality of your mattress and pillows.

While there are many types of mattress material available in the market today, some of the modern bedding materials like memory foam are believed to give customers the greatest comfort and body support. The ?Tempur-Pedic? is a brand which is known to manufacture the most premium mattresses and pillows which are appreciated by customers.

Originally, this material was being designed as a part of NASA?s research to invent a material which can serve as a cushion in spacecraft to reduce the troubles of astronauts due to g-force during takeoff and also to increase their survivability during accidents or other such unfortunate events.

Later on, the company started to make commercial products like mattresses and pillows with the same material which came out to be very successful.

What is the Tempur Material?

The Tempur material is a visco-elastic foam which is also pressure relieving and temperature sensitive.

It is made in the company-owned production houses using a special patented formula which only a handful of individuals are privileged to know. Though the material has a quite much resemblance with memory foam, it is not ordinary memory foam. The speciality of the material is that it moulds itself according to your body contours in response with any external heat and pressure applied. The foam regains its original shape once you leave it.

How Does Tempur Pedic Provide Optimum Comfort?

So, a Tempur mattress lets your body sink into itself when you lie over it. This sinking is more around the heavier regions like your hip and lesser around lighter portions.

This way, your spine remains more or less straight no matter what position you sleep in. Also, since your body weight is uniformly distributed over a sufficiently large surface area, there is no discomfort due to sleeping around a pressure point.

Most of the other mattresses have mechanisms that get compressed against your body which is neither comfortable nor good for your health. Tempur mattresses, on the other hand, consists of microscopic cells, which actually moves about in order to give support to your body where you need it.

The mattress removes pressure from painful pressure points. Since you don?t need to turn and toss repeatedly to get into a comfortable position, you get a sounder sleep with lesser breaks in sleeping.

Its motion absorbing feature prevents your motion from reaching your partner and spoiling his sleep. Also, there are fine air channels which transfer heat away from your body, giving a nice cooling effect. The moisture-wicking feature gives you a cool-to-touch feel in every climate.

Why are Tempur Mattresses So Expensive?

Though Tempur mattresses may look similar to ordinary memory foam, you may have to pay quite more dollars, the prices often being in four figures. There are a number of reasons which make this premium mattress brand put more load on your pockets, some of which being:

  1. The original reputation

The Tempur brand was first developed for the prestigious space research organization NASA, which makes it very special in itself. In fact, Tempur-Pedic is the only mattress brand that has been licensed by the U.S. space foundation to use the certified technology seal.

The patronage of NASA is a big assurance of quality and brand value for most of the customers which encourage them to invest money towards buying even the expensive mattresses sold by this brand. The Tempur-Pedic company and the Sealy Corporation merged together in the year 2012 to form one of the largest bedding companies.

Founded about 27 years back in the year 1992, the company has been in the bedding industry for quite a while now which has aided to establish it as a top brand.

  1. Brand loyalty

Since the company has successfully made a great brand reputation for its bedding and other products. They know that customers will readily pay even higher costs for buying products from a reputed and well-established company. Often, the high price of a product is related to better quality and is used to boast a high social status. The company takes advantage of this tendency of its customers and sets high prices for its customers.

  1. High-quality

Though the brand name contributes a lot to the expensiveness of Tempur mattresses, the quality of the mattresses is also reflected in their price. The Tempur mattresses are made of high-density foam which involves the use of highly advanced technologies and costly raw material which is also one of the reasons behind the high prices of Tempur mattresses.

The easy-fresh mattress covers that come with Tempur mattresses are made of premium quality material which not only gives comfort and ease of cleaning, but also classy looks to your bed. The high quality of their products is reflected in their confident 90-day money-back guarantee and a ten-year warranty. A portion of their expenditure towards providing you with ten-year post-purchase customer services is indirectly included in the cost of the products.

  1. Worldwide company

The Tempur-Pedic is a worldwide seller of mattresses, pillows, and travel comforters. While this improves the reliability and trust-factor of the brand on one side, it indirectly leads to the high pricing of the products on the other. The international advertising of the products through expensive media like television, newspapers, and magazines cost a lot. There are other less apparent costs like transportation, storage, and delivery of the products. Of course, the company is not going to cut this cost from their profit, but the cost eventually adds to the cost of their products, increasing their prices by quite a lot.

  1. Sale through a retail store

The mode of selling products also matters a lot when it comes to the standard cost of the product. Many other big mattress brands like Simba, Eve, and Casper sell their products completely through online mode. This way, they save the cost of transportation, promotion, stocking.

They also need not pay salespeople for running these stores, nor do they need to spend a large sum of money on renting premium places for use as retail stores and maintaining them. This savings is indirectly passed to the customer in the form of considerably lower costs. These lower prices, however, cost the ability to check the product physically before buying.

Tempur-Pedic, however, doesn?t demand such a sacrifice as they have retail stores where you can yourself check the mattresses and choose the one which is most suitable for you. Unfortunately, this requires you to pay more for the products.

Are Tempur Mattresses Worth Their Prices?

It is true that Tempur mattresses are very expensive and it is natural for a person to host the confusion as to whether it is worth the price or not.

There are a few places where we can?t compromise over quality for saving some money.

The mattress that you spend hours sleeping on is one such example.

Quality sleep is one of the most important factors which can bring about utmost productivity, efficiency at work, good health, and happiness in your life.

It is important that you get a sound sleep every night followed by a fresh start in the morning. This you can get only when you sleep on a mattress which provides the required comfort and helps you in releasing all the pain from your body, giving you a nice relaxation.

The Tempur mattress is the best mattress brand when it comes to providing the best comfort, body-support, and break-less sleep. Also, the unquestionable quality of these mattresses is reflected in the fact that the company is readily giving a ten-year warranty with every mattress that they sell, no matter what it costs.

They also give a 90 days return policy which shows that they are confident of their product quality and know that the customer is going to love them. So, you are not spending but investing on a mattress which is going to give comfort and healthy sleep to you and your family for more than ten years.

You can also add other Tempur accessories like pillows and adjustable bed bases with wireless remotes for a more convenience and luxurious feel. There are surely cheaper alternatives like the typical box spring mattresses and other low-quality memory foam mattresses but they often end up costing more in terms of aches, back pains, strains, or inadequate sleep.

So, it needs to be understood that a good quality mattress is a must and hence, the Tempur-Pedic mattress is worth your every penny in the long run and it is highly likely that you won?t ever regret buying it.


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