Why Is My New Bed Hurting My Back?

As far as back pains are concerned, several factors contribute to it. Where an arduous lifestyle is in play, physical ailments are bound to stir things up a little, or genetically acquired infirmity might be an inherent cause for severe body aches.

However, the most prevalent malady these days is back cramping. And the most common cause? Mattresses. Nevertheless, experiencing lower back cramps can be due to improper sleeping postures, pregnancy, monthly cycles, disc generation, fibromyalgia etc.

Periodic back pains are generally extremely common, but in the case of an unrelenting one, medical treatment is dutifully recommended. It might be due to an underlying physical illness or a bad mattress, either way, precaution is always better than the cure.

Medically suggested, pain symptoms should cease to exist within a few hours owing to respective muscular exercises. In the case of a persistent problem, it might be due to a wrong sleeping pattern. A study suggests that switching old mattresses of nine years for a newer one improves sleeping tendencies, reduces discomfort and consequentially, removes back cramps.

Despite being medically proven to be an all-around stress buster, a professional recommendation should be taken into account before purchasing a new mattress. Similar to every other new object in your life, mattresses require time to get adjusted to your comfort level. The newly purchased one strives to provide you with much better support than its worn-out rival, with the latest technology imbibed in it, the body requires at least 30-40 breaks to adjust to it.

Mattress Myths and Reality

Different brands come up with their own theories for a wider outreach of their products. Some might say soft mattresses are unfit as it causes maximum body aches, others might say the opposite ? hard ones cause sleep disorders. Unbeknown to them, it depends on a particular person and the kind of sleeper he is. If he sleeps flat on his back, without moving, a hard mattress will give him the utmost comfort. Excessive movements can put pressure on the hip and shoulder joints doing more damage than good.

There is a wrong belief amongst people regarding the blissful comfort of a soft mattress. Yes, a softer one can give a momentous luxury with its fluff and sinkable facilities, but it is equally unsuitable for the body. Continuous use of a soft mattress may lead to severe joint aches and lower back cramps.

Why Does A New Mattress Cause Back Pain?

It is hard to pinpoint any particular cause of backache when there are a few contributing factors. However, there exist some symptoms which indicate that a new mattress is to be blamed. If the ache develops after waking up and can be ridden off by stretching, it is a major sign. Restless and insufficient sleep, incessant tossing and turning, neck and lower back cramps are a few other signs that the mattress is the one hurting the body.

Aside from the dysfunctional mattress, improper sleeping postures might lead to back pains as well. Sleep induced movements might inadvertently create pressure on the spine, if not careful. Unnatural bends can impose muscle strains and affect the nerves. Thus, sleeping with your back straight potentially eliminates the possible backaches.

Sleeping on your stomach uplifts the upper body, followed by an intense arrival of pain. Although doctors recommend sleeping on your back, it sometimes gives rise to pain as well. Pillows containing polyester fibre are too soft to accommodate adequate head support, thus the neck and the back are left at an awkward angle throughout the night.

Expensive pillowcase mattress, although popular, is not feasible when it comes to health. The soft nature of the mattress around the waist level causes the body to be left half arched upwards. This is harmful in the case of a stomach sleeper.

Mattress Types:

A mattress is expected to be designed for your body, with a special thought towards your back support. An old one has its support worn out leading to back pains. Besides, if it has a defective design- either with coils or layers of latex- it fails to provide the correct support to the body curves.

  • Pocket sprung mattresses are one of the daily used mattresses and are the cause of backaches in most of the young adults today. The springs sewn into the fabric pockets are not finely made, which might hurt the sleeper. Also, it is not of the right firmness- too old and saggy- and can lead a fiery trial of pain down the spine.
  • People with a back condition find mattress hunting tiresome. Their sole concern is to wake up in a pain-free morning and to feel rejuvenated to work. Memory foam or a gel layered one provides much-needed relief to those side sleepers and ones with back aches.
  • A medium firm mattress is widely approved, whereby you get the appropriate level of softness and taut for both your hip and shoulder joints. Thus, backaches bid an evident goodbye.

A wise idea would be to consult a chiropractor before hunting down mattresses. Wellness adjustment helps relieve pain and body posture. A chiropractor is well fed with the knowledge regarding appropriate mattress for a healthy lifestyle.

How To Choose The Correct Mattress?

Different people have different sleeping positions; while some are back sleepers, others are side and then there are stomach sleepers. Depending on each sleeping posture, mattresses are designed to provide first-class comfort. When shopping for a new mattress, it is important to know your sleeping posture. The survey states that the hips are heavier than the legs; thus, requiring a softer mattress at that particular level and a firmer one downwards.

In the case of side sleepers, shoulders and hips put more indentations on the mattress than the legs, thereby requiring support for the curvature of both the spine and the body. Medium and medium firm beds relieve the body from consistent morning cramps. Side sleeping is probably the most common posture, keeping the spine straight.

Back sleepers receive the soundest sleep because of the lack of unnecessary movements. With almost no opportunity of twisting the spine, such sleepers require medium-firm to firm beds for relief. Soft surfaces have a tendency to sink and cause discomfort while asleep.

However, it is wise to determine the level of softness in a mattress so as to picture the positive and negative impacts on the body.

Even with suitable beds, one might face back aches at times. The following steps are a physician?s advise to get rid of the pain:

  • If you are a back sleeper and facing cramps even with the correct bed, place a pillow under your legs to alleviate the spine to its natural curve and roll a towel under the lower back for support.
  • Stomach sleeping is detrimental for the lower back portion of the body. Placing a pillow under the pelvis will help in reducing the arching of the body and thus, the pain.
  • Putting a pillow between the legs and having it drawn close to the chest will additionally help in getting a comfortable sleep.

As stated before, medium-firm mattresses are the ideal ones for all postures. Though it is an appropriate choice for sleep, the cost of such new mattresses discourages customers.

How To Relieve The Pain?

It is believed that laying on the right side is good for blood flow. The lighter lung is helped in maximizing the flow due to a reduction in heavy pressure.

Besides, regular yoga and fitness regimes can help in overcoming the back cramps on time. Gentle stretching of the neck and lower back ? front, back and both the sides – strengthens the core muscles.

Stretching tightened hamstrings can remove the pressure on the lower back. With one leg on the bed and the other down, stretch forward till you feel the tension at the back of the legs. Unnatural bending might have disturbed the hamstrings, these simple exercises assist in relaxing the corded muscles.

The bedding industry is making progress in its research of human body requirements in leaps and bounds today. They understand that every individual has his own posture of sleeping and therefore, they deserve such respective designed mattresses. There are two types of approaches that can be accounted for – either a customized mattress for every individual or inventing a new bedding material that is self-adjusting to the sleeper and his postures.

Purchasing a mattress is not a piece of cake. It puts an individual through immense tests of his patience and time to conclude this choice, and when it all comes down to the price, there is a need for a huge investment. Any person will get apprehensive at the thought of spending a bulk on a simple object like a mattress, but what they tend to forget is a well-rested mind is directly proportional to good output.

Depression and anxiety are a primary effect of a sleep-deprived mind and deteriorating physical conditions ? both orthopaedic and gynaecological ? are also a part of it. Spending 7-9 hours on a piece of furniture designed suitably for comfort is an essential key for a healthy living. Although spending a lot might pinch the pockets a little tighter, the results will be worth the while.


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